Bellwoods Brewery Releases Three Editions of Vines Grape Ale

TORONTO, ON – Bellwoods Brewery has announced the release of a trio of new beers in its Vines series of barrel-aged grape ales:

Vines is our on-going series of Grape Ales that combines some of our favourite things about beer with some of our favourite things about wine. Each batch is initially fermented on grape skins in order to pick up the wild yeast that call said grape skins home. The now natural-yeast-rich beer is aged for a year in oak barrels and then conditioned on even more grapes. Our process continues to evolve over the years, pulling inspiration from natural wine-making techniques, and we’re really excited with the results of Vines 2021.

Vines Sauv Blanc (9.2% abv):

Initially fermented on Cab Sauv grapes and then refermented on Sauv Blanc, which gives the beer its rosy orange hue, as well as its jammy strawberry backbone. Fruity aroma with flavours of strawberry, gooseberry and citrus fruit. Oaky with good tannins, moderate acidity and healthy carbonation make this complex yet very drinkable.

Vines Chambourcin (8.5% abv):

Crisp with minimal tannins and bright acids. Some pepper and stone fruit on the nose. Strawberry and pomegranate flavours with a dry quick finish.

Vines Riesling (8.5% abv):

Lively carbonation, dry finish and light acidity reminiscent of sparkling wine. Notes of burnt orange peel, pear, citrus and mango.

All three beers are available now at both Bellwoods retail stores and the brewery’s online shop.

Source & Photo: Bellwoods Brewery

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