Cabin Brewing and Vine Arts Wine & Spirits Release Sixth From The Sun Tiki Cocktail Ale

CALGARY, AB – Cabin Brewing has announced the release of “a whimsical play on the classic tiki cocktail, the Saturn” to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Vine Arts Wine & Spirits.

Sixth From The Sun (5.2% abv):

Not all tiki cocktails are rum-based. Some – like the Saturn – use gin as the base spirit and pop with fruity aromas and flavours that play really well in a beer.

Method: Add a cocktail shaker-load of ingredients to the beer fermenter to create a very unique flavour profile – loomis, lime puree, lemon peel and juice, cloves, passionfruit, almond extract and some lactose to balance the acidity. Mix well. Ferment over yeast. Chill, then pour into a beer glass with a flourish. Garnish with a smile, dream of the tropics and imbibe with friends, like the fine folks at Vine Arts. Cheers to 10 years!

Sixth From The Sun is available now exclusively at Cabin Brewing and Vine Arts in Calgary, and will be distributed later this week to select beer retailers elsewhere in Alberta.

Source & Photo: Cabin Brewing

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