Volo Brewery Releases Pölo Kölsch

TORONTO, ON – Volo Brewery has announced the release of a new Kölsch-style lagered ale.

Volo Pölo (5.5% abv):

Kölsch is traditionally served in a tall, thin glass called a ‘Stange’, which means ‘pole’ in German. We call this beer Polo – which is the Italian word for pole – and is an homage to the crisp, refreshing ales of Köln, Germany. A slight pear and apple fruit aroma is present, thanks to the top-fermenting yeast, followed by a clean, dry and mildly bitter herbal hop finish.

Volo Pölo is available now at Bar Volo, Bottega Volo, and the Volo online shop.

Source & Photo: Volo

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