Propeller Revolution Russian Imperial Stout Returns With Distribution Expanded Into Ontario

HALIFAX, NSPropeller Brewing has brought back popular winter seasonal Revolution Russian Imperial Stout for another year, and has expanded distribution to a third province.

In addition to its home province of Nova Scotia, Revolution will be available once again in British Columbia, and will be released for the first time in Ontario.

Brewed to 8% abv, Revolution is described as:

A dark, strong and bracing brew (that) boasts a deep, opaque black colour. It has tremendous body and mouth feel, with intense hop bitterness, roasted malt and dark fruit notes.

Propeller Revolution Russian Imperial Stout is available now in Nova Scotia at the brewery’s Prop Shop retail store, and soon at NSLC locations throughout the province. It will be released at selection LCBO outlets in Ontario next week, and at private liquor retailers in BC soon after.

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