Black Creek Irish Potato Stout Now Available


TORONTO, ON – Black Creek Historic Brewery has announced the release of a new limited edition seasonal beer that’s ideally suited for today’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Black Creek Irish Potato Stout is a 5% abv stout made with the addition of potatoes to the fermentable ingredients in the recipe. The resulting beer has the following tasting notes as posted on the brewery’s blog The Black Creek Growler:

A deep brown colour […] not quite as dark as our usual stout. Roasted malt aromas struck me at first sniff and carried over into the taste. It’s a rich, complex beer – that roasted character mellowed to something almost like chocolate as it travelled over the tongue, finishing with a smoky earthiness. It’s got a thick, heavy mouthfeel; there was a lovely fullness at the back of the throat and up into the nose. Still, carbonation gives it a slight edge. Overall, it’s a very satisfying, stick-to-your-ribs kind of beer.

Black Creek Irish Potato Stout is now available at select LCBO locations, selling for $3.95 per 500 ml bottle while supplies last.

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