Yeast Van Brewery District Collective Releases Raspberry Rosé Saison

VANCOUVER, BC – The brewers and distillers clustered in an East Vancouver neighbourhood that has become known as the Yeast Van Brewery District have announced the release of their third collaborative beer.

Raspberry Rosé Saison (6.8% abv) was “fermented with wine yeast and has several hundred pounds of raspberries making for a tasty slammer.”

It was brewed at Settlement Brewing with input from fellow breweries Andina, Bomber, Callister, Container, Hastings Mill, Luppolo, Off the RailParallel 49, PowellStormStrange FellowsStrathcona, and Superflux, plus craft distillers Odd Society Spirits and Resurrection Spirits.

Yeast Van Raspberry Rosé Saison is available now at select private liquor stores and for online orders via Craft Co. Partial proceeds will be donated to Diversity In Brewing.

Source & Photo: Container Brewing

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