Brecknock Brewing to Launch Soon

brecknock_logoSASKATOON, SKBrecknock Brewing, a new contract-brewing operation specialising in organic beers, will be officially releasing their first two beers – Brecknock Pale Ale and Brecknock Pilsner – at SLGA stores next month.

Currently using the Paddock Wood Brewery as a brewing facility, Brecknock was founded by Jason Dearborn, a former Member of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan. CEO Mark Simpson is a former Molson brewmaster, and several other partners are also involved in various aspects of the business.

The brewery takes its name from Brecknock Farm, a farm in southwest Saskatchewan where organic barley is being grown for the beers. The company is also commited to using bio-fuel for all of its fuel needs, including farm equipment, and has partnered with Canadian Green Fuels to be their supplier.

5 thoughts on “Brecknock Brewing to Launch Soon

  1. This beer has a very poor presentation due to a volume of sediment at the bottom of each bottle. It is very unappetizing. It is not something I would serve my guests and therefore I would not recommend it to friends.

  2. The article is not exactly accurate. They buy their organic barley from BC. The farm doesn’t supply the actual grain for the beer even if they do grow some.

  3. All I know is that I, unapologetically, love beer and I really liked yours. I spent 7 years brewing my own beer – to my specific tastes. This was (as you know) a very labour intensive but highly satisfying endeavour, actually a labour of love which ended-up teaching me a lot about brewing. Since then, I make it a point to never miss an opportunity to sample different beers. To these ends I have tried literally 1000’s of beers and ales from around the world, and have toured many of the world’s premiere breweries and yet, yours still stood out. Actually – jumped-out at me. Quite an accomplishment.

    Which leads me to believe you’re on to something special, nonetheless, I believe the unique taste of your beer is even more appealing than it’s organic origins.

    My guess is your yeast plays a major role in it’s uniqueness. Are your hops organic to? For convenience sake, have you consider offering it in cans? Bottles are a pain to store and recycle. But, hay, either way, its now my new “standard beer.”

    Mike Rubin

  4. Your pale ale and pilsner are excellent: they were my number one and two choices at the store. Please try to get them back on the shelf.

  5. My maiden name is Brecknock. There are very few of us in the world, and am surprised to learn of the Brecknock farm in Sask. As well as your beer. The Alberta and Bc Brecknock’s have just returned from our family reunion at my brothers ranch in Alexis Creek BC. July 13 – 15th. We had Brecknocks from England, as well as Hong Kong. Would love to know the history of who, and the Brecknock Farm.

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